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If you would like more information or would like to book a service,

please fill out the contact form or email

For a more immediate response please text 828-903-3888

Death Doula


The Death Doula is for the individual or family who needs someone present that can be in the background. Who will stand by their side, slightly a step behind for support and will silently get things done. The DD will be present and hold space for whatever difficult emotions, dynamics, and situations that may occur. The DD will also bring a tool kit of knowledge for end of life to assist in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


Some things a Death Doula can do for you:

- Setting a safe and comfortable space for the dying person; "Death Nesting"

- Sitting vigil & providing respite care

- Being a liaison with family, friends, hospice, or funeral home

- Legacy work or life review

- Creating a plan for what the dying individual desires during the final transition

- Practical help in your home

- Planning visitations

- End of Life education

- Assistance with advanced care directive*

- Cleansing a space; Reiki

- Help with facilitating cultural or religious practices with respect to the individual's preferences

- Provide a safe, non judgmental space to process difficult emotions


A Death Doula is a non-medical practitioner and can be of assistance before, during, or after death. If there is something not listed on this website, please ask! There are many different tasks a doula is adept at doing that they could not all possibly be listed here. 

* One copy of NC Advanced Care Directives and Five Wishes included per client. Additional copies or notarizations will incur a fee.

Senior Companion/


Sometimes all we need is some assistance to make sure we safely maintain our independence for as long as possible. The companion is for individuals that need someone to stop in to help run a couple of errands, help get you set up for the week, spend some time doing hobbies, or decorating for the holidays. Think of this option as an extra hand to help keep up with your practical tasks or someone that helps maintain your social independence as well.

This is a non-medical role and does not replace the role of hospice, nursing, or CNA assistance.

Additional Services

On occasion I have been asked to provide other services for families during time of need (hospitalizations, travel, etc.). Please contact me if any of these services are of interest:

- Overnight or drop in pet care

- House sitting

- Child care

- Reiki

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